Welcome To The Show: Theme Songs & Opening Credits

A while back I found an impressive TV theme song medley video on YouTube; I recently came across it again and thought I should share it. After all, sharing is caring. The video is a mash-up of popular TV theme songs – all performed by one guy. Check it out:

So yeah the video is pretty awesome, but it also makes me think more about the importance and function of a TV show’s theme song and opening credit sequence.  I really find it a shame that so many new shows are going the way of boring title cards. There’s nothing like rocking out, singing along, or geeking out to a show’s opening.

Take for example a show like Fringe. It’s opening credit sequence does much more than display names of the cast and crew; it also lets viewers know which universe or decade the episode is taking place in. I am especially fond of their 1980s version:

Likewise, each episode of Jericho cleverly conveyed clues about a character or current plot via Morse code:

And any time I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer I can’t help but launch into an air drumming session to my now-favorite Nerf Herder’s song:

Other fun or unique openings I’ve come across include Bill Lawrence perpetually apologizing for Cougar Town‘s name and Community‘s altered dungeons & dragons version as well as Abed’s Christmas intro. I also really love the look and sound of the Friday Night Lights opening sequence. I suppose I should also make some mention of The Simpsons since they’ve managed to come up with tons of new ways to get everyone on the couch each week, a pretty commendable feat even if you aren’t a fan of the show.

What are other top theme songs and openings for past and present shows?

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Super Bowl & Sitcoms

Now typically, as a TV addict, I prefer to avoid commercials at all costs with the one exception of the Super Bowl. Expensively produced, over-hyped, and all-new, these commercials can either be awesomely enjoyable and creative or gratingly annoying and downright offensive. Last night’s new crop of commercials seemed to be mostly underwhelming, however. Although that still beats last years overwhelming anti-female message.

I can’t deny that a few of the commercials were good though. Many viewers must feel similarly since there appears to be a general consensus among viewers. Go to any website with Super Bowl coverage and I’m pretty sure they’ll make mention of the Volkswagen Darth Vader spot and the Doritos Dog or the Bridgestone Beaver Carma commercial.

While these were both cute and funny, my favorite was the NFL commercial. I loved last years spot with its feel good triumphant vibe and catchy Arcade Fire song but this years was also surprisingly creative with a montage of popular sitcom characters getting ready for the big game. Shows ranging from Brady Bunch and Happy Days to Full House and Family Matters to Glee and Family Guy were all fully represented and decked out in their city’s team paraphernalia.

Any TV watcher who happens to enjoy football or football fan who likes TV, should get a kick out of this commercial.

To check out and rate the other 2011 Super Bowl commercials go to Hulu.com. For all the FOX previews, some of which were actually pretty hilarious click here. Televisionwithoutpity.com also discusses the commercials and movie trailers and for in depth analysis, statistics, and more viewing you can go to adage.com.

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Internet Essentials for a TV Fan

Not only do I watch a lot of television but I also spend a significant time online reading, watching, investigating, and discussing television. Although there are tons of sites that feature similar information or can revolve around the television industry I have a core few that I am loyal to.

Find TV Online

If you’re like me and still live in the television “stone age”, getting by without digital cable or some kind of DVR then the TV Guide is still your best option to figure out what is on when you’re not already locked into an overbooked evening of programming. Unfortunately for me my cable subscriber, the always evil, Comcast has continually made the TV Guide channel more and more useless. It only shows like one channel at a time and proceeds to run through many of the higher channels we don’t even have.

  • Solution: http://www.tvguide.com/ Maybe this is a no brainer but the same information from the channel is available in a much quicker and easier to scroll through format. Although the website also provides recaps and some other new items I find the recaps to be barely more than the episode summary found on the listings and the news items usually appear on other websites first.

I also enjoy reading news pertaining to TV and other entertainment genres such as literature, film and music.  Mostly I like reading about industry or behind the scenes matters but the occasional celebrity interview, film review, or miscellaneous new item can be a fun read too.

Yes I actually read recaps for episodes and shows that I have already watched. Why you might ask, because it can be fun and can unveil new layers of meaning.

  • Solution: Television Without Pity http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/ is hilarious and provides more than just a detailed recap but a whole new life to an episode regardless of whether it was good or bad upon initial viewing. Full of snark and cynicism or praise, the recaps fulfill my daily need for sarcasm and have actually made me laugh at loud which may look a bit insane when you are just sitting down reading something on your computer.

Spoilers anyone? If you are dying to know what happens next or become an addict like myself then hours can easily be lost google-ing anything you can think of related to the show or episode in question. Thankfully I found a site that complies all of these spoilers for many current popular shows and provides the goods.

  • Solution: http://www.spoilertv.com/ Unless your already a spoiler fiend don’t go there. Although it can be fun to find out what’s next it also can detract from the overall viewing experience.
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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog about anything and everything related to television.

You won’t find any spoilers, fanfiction, reviews, or recaps here; just my random musings about my favorite medium and the television shows I tune into. Although the title of this blog is a reference to the speech given by Newton N. Minow in 1961 it is meant to be ironic; however, that does not mean I won’t be critical.

I love television, I guess I always have. It wasn’t until I began watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in ’97 that I really began to watch, read, and talk about it more than the rest of my friends. Since then I have been an AV geek- taking television production classes in high school, majoring in Communications in undergrad, and going to Grad School for Media Studies. Now I can legitimately claim to be doing homework when I’m watching TV.

Unlike the myriad of other media options, television transmits into your home 24/7 carrying a variety of programs that you may want, not want, or didn’t know you wanted. It can reveal new worlds or show a reflection of your own. While novels, movies, and music are special and awesome in their own right, television offers viewers the ability to follow along with stories that unfold for hours and even over years. I’m not saying that all television is good, because it isn’t but when it is good it has the power elicit a wide range of emotions and enjoyment, and that is why I keep turning it on and talking about it.

“Jane: Can we get on with this? I have someplace to go. (looks at Jodie) Television counts as a place.”

(Daria 1.4)

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