MTV’s The Challenge: Nice Girls Finish Last (But Are Liked)

MTV’s The Challenge: Nice Girls Finish Last (But Are Liked)

MTV’s The Challenge: Nice Girls Finish Last (But Are Liked)

MTV The Challenge & CBS Survivor

Back in December, Melissa Maerz of wrote a blog about the Survivor: San Juan del Sur finale and a particular speech made during the last tribal council which involved one of the three finalist, Missy Payne, being called “the wicked stepmother”.

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Easy TV Inspired Halloween Costumes

Easy TV Inspired Halloween Costumes

Need a Halloween costume? How about one that’s easy to make? Or even better yet, one that people will get?

The way I see it, you’ve got two angles to approach a TV-themed Halloween costume. Either pick something so mainstream it’s impossible not to know what you are or pick something that looks cool without context but will be recognized by other fans.

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Survivor: Philippines – Surprisingly Open & Honest Gameplay

CBS’s Survivor may be in its 25th season, but the iconic reality show is still able to entertain and keep players and viewers guessing when it comes to game play.Survivor Philippines Season 25 Logo

In every season of Survivor there are always a handful of players who approach the game with honesty and integrity in mind. Others make the distinction between the ‘reality show’ and ‘real life’ and do or say whatever they need to make it to the end. And throughout the 24 seasons we’ve seen thus far, both strategies have been rewarded, which is why there isn’t a ‘right’ way to play the game.

But never in all of the seasons of Survivor that I’ve watched,* have I ever seen such an open game in terms of verbal bluntness, honesty, visible alliances, and knowledge of the owners’ of the hidden immunity idol. It’s an interesting way to play the game for sure, and Survivor: Philippines is really benefiting from it.

Outwit Outplay Outlast – Outspoken?

Lisa’s entire play thus far best exemplifies this scattered yet strategic open policy. She’s stayed true to her alliances and when switching she’s put it all out in the open, yet she’s still unreliable in a vote because you have to wonder if she is making decisions based on her head or her heart.CBS Survivor Season 25

And how insane yet mellow was the tribal council (25×9) in which Malcolm and Abi both admitted to having a now not-so-secret Hidden Immunity Idol?

Even in the last episode (25×12) when Carter walked up on Skupin and Malcolm talking about him they freely admitted that he was the topic of conversation and he left so they could carry on.

Mind you, I don’t think this makes the game any easier because honesty doesn’t always translate into niceness (i.e. Abi) and even if you are aware of all of the variables, it doesn’t mean you can control them. Just ask any of the players who were blindsided.

And things are obviously only going to become more complicated as the current controlling alliance of Malcolm, Denise, Lisa, and Skupin is only to the final four. Plus the Hidden Immunity Idol will be out of play and of course the perpetual wildcard that is Abi is still on the island and capable of stirring up trouble.

So yeah, these last few episodes should be a wild ride. Will Malcolm and Denise stick together and make it to the end after surviving the decimation of the Matsing tribe? Will Lisa start playing the game and leave personal connections behind? Will everyone realize that Malcolm has a really good shot of winning if he makes it to the end? Do you think Abi has a ticket to the final three because of her unlikability?

Let me know what you think. Am I the only one who feels that Survivor is still capable of producing an enjoyable season of reality TV?

*Disclaimer: I haven’t seen all 25 seasons of Survivor, but I have seen most of them.

Rambling About Reality TV

I wouldn’t qualify myself as a reality TV junkie but I watch my fair share of shows that have no redeeming value, showcase incredibly talented people, or simply pit people against each other for a large cash prize. Although I’ve been a dedicated follower of MTV’s Road Rules and subsequent Real World / Road Rules Challenges I much prefer skilled competition based reality shows like Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance. Perhaps that is why I’ve recently become so intrigued with SyFy’s new reality show Face Off.

Face Off pits special effects make-up artists against each othSyFy-Face-Offer in a series of weekly challenges. Although the show has only aired four episodes I’m already blown away with the amount of talent and creativity showcased. The competitors really have to be skilled in a number of mediums and materials. They don’t just create masks or faces – they develop entire characters with back-stories along with attire and props. Like other similar shows, Face Off offers drama and bickery but also some actual teamwork too. Another aspect of the show I like is that the winner of the weekly challenge gets to give their two cents about who, of the bottom three, should go home. I think their input is generally insightful, if not spiteful because the judges don’t get to see what really goes on in the workroom.

Season 22 of Survivor premiered last week. Survivor has always been a show I’ve watched here and there. If I start watching a season I generally will follow through with it, but I typically don’t feel compelled to watch every single season. I find most seasons boring until the merge anyway, but I’m particularly unexcited by this new season. The Redemption Island twist sounds like a bad RW/RR Challenge idea and I could care less about the fake Russell versus Boston Rob feud. Honestly I don’t think Boston Rob gives a damn about Russell and I hate that this is Russell’s third time playing in the last four seasons. Give it up Probst; he’s never going to win the jury vote. I mean are they going to keep letting him play until he wins?

For those looking for another enjoyable yet mindless reality show, I totally recommend Winter Wipeout. Not that I am encouraging people to watch something other than Community at the 8pm hour on Thursday night, but Wipeout is pretty hilarious if you can get past the annoying commentary. DVR it or catch up on Hulu because Wipeout features really ridiculous people getting smashed, whacked, and tossed all over the place. It’s fantastic. Also the new winter course still features the big red balls and a lot of other insane obstacles.