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Super Fun Night Should Focus on the Night

Super Fun Night Should Focus on the Night

I really want to like ABC’s new comedy Super Fun Night, not only because I enjoy hangout comedies (I miss you Happy Endings) and loved Pitch Perfect, but also because I find the show’s premise and Rebel Wilson’s character to be relatable.Super Fun Night

But I’ve got to admit that I was totally underwhelmed by the ‘first’ episode. And I use quotes because ABC swapped out the pilot episode for another episode, one I assumed better represented what the show was about.

And although I’m generally against judging a show based on one-22min outing, I really think Super Fun Night would benefit from just focusing on the night portion of the premise.

The workplace scenes felt like they belonged in another show and I was disappointed that more time wasn’t spent getting to know Kimmie’s friends. And this is where the pilot episode switcheroo may have negatively impacted my first impression. I understand that the show is essentially a Rebel Wilson vehicle, but the series is going to need to establish all of its main players if it wants to succeed. Plus, isn’t it supposed to be about a group of friends?

I personally think Super Fun Night would benefit from a more Party Down approach. Flesh out the characters and then drop them into different situations each week. The show could really have a good time playing with these introverted self-proclaimed nerdy characters. Especially when you think about all of the crazy people they could meet while out in New York City at night.

Right now Super Fun Night is trying to do too much, but that’s not really a unique problem for new a TV show. I imagine the comedy is still trying to feel out what works best, while also trying to figure out what it wants to be.

Selfishly I guess I just hope that it’s what I want it to be, which is a series about a couple of friends who remain true to their nerdy selves while also recording a few social victories on occasion.

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