Cheers! It’s the Blindspot Drinking Game

Blindspot on NBC Blindspot is now on Fridays, and what better way to kick off the weekend than with a nice drink and your couch? If you’re down for not going out, grab a six pack and settle in from an evening of kickass action and puzzle solving goodness. Cheers!

Zapata: Do you know what gives me more clarity?
Weller: What?
Zapata: More alcohol.
Patterson: Yeah, she’s right.
Zapata: Maybe Round 3 is the charm. Come, on.

 – “Regard a Mere Mad Rager” 2×19

NBC Blindspot Drinking Game

If you’re already a few drinks deep and uninterested in deciphering a redacted “file”, here’s the rules in an easy-to-read form, take a drink whenever:

  • A tattoo puzzle is solved
  • Jane remembers something from her past
  • A ticking “time bomb” clock counts down
  • Someone is kidnapped or held hostage
  • There’s a shootout
  • A car explodes
  • A team member is tortured
  • The FBI goes on lockdown
  • Rich Dotcom makes an appearance
  • Someone goes undercover
  • “Sandstorm” is mentioned
  • Direct orders are ignored
  • Jane and Weller… (you decide)
  • Reade and Zapata dance around their feelings for each other
  • Patterson has relationship “issues”
  • The team drinks together


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Written by Jamie Paton

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