When to Break up with a TV Show

When to break up with a tv show

I wrote less blogs than I wanted to over the last few months. In the ones that I did write “Peak TV” came up a few times, not as an excuse but more so as a way to explain the larger context of the current TV landscape, one in which over 450 scripted shows aired in one TV season.

With that many shows to choose from, it’s not that I’m watching less TV, I just find myself having a harder time balancing real life and keeping up with my favorite shows, guilty pleasures, and all the new must-watch series that seem to continuously debut. As a result I’ve tried to be better about breaking up with shows that I no longer care about.

I used to pride myself on being a bitter-ended but that’s an unrealistic approach to watching TV anymore, or at least it is me. If a show has an end-date I’ll give it some leeway, like Pretty Little Liars, but otherwise I’m attempting to more consciously choose what stays and what goes regardless of how much time I’ve invested.

If you find yourself in the same boat, trying to weed out what no longer works for you, here’s some questions to ask yourself. The answers will hopefully help you decide whether the show is still worth your time and / or DVR space.

  • Do you actively keep up with the show?
  • Are you so far behind you can’t remember the last new episode you watched?
  • Does watching a new episode feel like a chore?
  • Is the show taking up “precious” DVR space?
  • Do any of your friends or family members watch the show too?
  • Do you actively avoid spoilers for the show?
  • Do you multitask while watching it?
  • Do you care about what’s going on?
  • Do you care about any of the characters?
  • Does “Jumping the Shark” come to mind when you think about the show?
  • Is the end in sight or will it air for years to come?

If you’re still undecided, either give the show in question some more time or check out the following articles for more advice on knowing when to let go:

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And if you have any advice or tips and tricks on the subject, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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Written by Jamie Paton

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