3 More TV & Pop Culture Podcasts To Enjoy

3 More TV & Pop Culture Podcasts To Enjoy


I’ve already written about my favorite TV and pop culture podcasts, twice in fact. (Here’s five more podcasts I recommend.) But what can I say, there’s a lot of content out that and I listen to a lot of podcasts. So here’s three more you should give a listen.


Dead Pilot’s Society

Dead Pilots Soceity Podcast

There’s cancelled too soon and then there’s TV that was never was. The Dead Pilot’s Society podcast gives life to the latter as each episode features a different table read for a “dead pilot”. Hosts Andrew Reich and Ben Blacker kick off the proceedings with a short interview with the writer to learn more about the script and it’s demise and then gather a variety of star studded guests for an impromptu read-through. To date, guests have included: Aubrey Plaza, Ed Weeks, Skylar Astin, Natalie Morales, John Hodgman, Anna Camp, Paul F. Tompkins, Ben Schwartz, Molly Shannon, Sarah Chalke, and more!

Must Listen: There’s only 6 episodes so far, just listen to them all.


Making the Sausage

Making the Sausage

The Making the Sausage podcast comes from the Previously.TV family, home of the Extra Hot Great podcast. Like it’s name implies, the podcast dives into the nitty gritty of TV production interviewing everyone from production assistants and stunt people to digital media producers and casting associates. Enjoy fascinating, and often candid insights from people who work in the industry. Each episode tackles a different career or behind the scenes aspect of television.

Must Listen: Designing Reality Challenges (Aug. 10th 2016) & Stunts (April 1st 2016)


Brain Candy Podcast

Brain Candy Podcast

Hosted by Susie Meister and Sarah Rice of MTV’s The Challenge, The Brain Candy Podcast is a fun hodgepodge of topics that extend well beyond reality television. Although there’s plenty of that too if reality TV is what you were hoping for. As self-proclaimed “besties”, Sarah and Susie have an easy rapport that translates both onscreen and over the audio waves. It’s the kind of podcast that feels like you’re hanging out with your friends, with the added bonus of learning new things.

Must Listen: Memory (Episode 14) & Reality TV BTS w/ Adam Butler (Episode 57)

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Written by Jamie Paton

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