YOLO! 3 TV Episodes Featuring Spontaneous Road Trips

YOLO! 3 TV Episodes Featuring Spontaneous Road Trips

Parks and Rec Road Trip Grand Canyon

Last weekend I drove from New Jersey to Indianapolis and back to see Penn State play in the Big Ten Championship game. It wasn’t something I initially planned to do, but after I was able to get my hands on some reasonably priced tickets and was offered a couch to sleep on by some friends in Ohio, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So in less than a week I went from browsing StubHub to driving over 1,400 miles for a football game.

So in honor of my insanity, here’s a handful of TV characters who also said “YOLO” for a lack of better words and hit the open road.

Gilmore Girls “The Road Trip to Harvard” (2×4)

Gilmore Girls Road Trip Harvard

Reeling from her recent engagement-gone-wrong, Lorelai and Rory escape Stars Hollow for a few days via a spur of the moment mother daughter road trip. After initially driving aimlessly east for a little while, Rory breaks the no-map policy which forces Lorelai to concoct a plan. Said plan includes a night at the Cheshire Cat bed and breakfast, but it ultimately ends well as they go on a successful self guided tour of the Harvard campus – Rory’s dream school.

How I Met Your Mother “Dual Citizenship” (5×5)

How I Met Your Mother Road Trip Chicago

When Ted learns that his and Marshall’s beloved pizza place in Chicago is closing they agree to hop in the car and have one more adventure. However, unbeknownst to Ted, Marshall invites Lily along and she inadvertently rains on his parade. What was supposed to be a dude weekend quickly turns into a more complicated road trip with multiple bathroom breaks, audiobooks, and a night at a bed and breakfast. Of course feelings are hurt and tiffs are had but in the end, thanks in part to Lily’s audiobook, Ted and Marshall realize how important their friendship is to each other.

Parks and Recreation “End of the World” (4×6)

When Pawnee’s local doomsday cult announced the ‘official’ date for the end of the world, April sets out to help Andy cross all the items off his bucket list. Things started off small enough with Andy checking off items like holding $1,000 cash in his hands, making the most amazing grilled cheese, and winning the lottery (in the form of a scratch off). But before the night was over the two would wind up en route to the Grand Canyon.

Like April said, “We have a thousand dollars in our bank account and we’re young and irresponsible.”

So here’s to being irresponsible! May you one day have the chance to just get in the car and drive. It may sound stupid to utter aloud, but on occasion it is worth it to just say “YOLO”. Until then you can live vicariously through these characters and episodes.

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Written by Jamie Paton

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