6 TV Moms You Wouldn’t Want to Mess With

6 TV Moms You Wouldn’t Want to Mess With



This one’s for you.

Happy Mother’s Day!


TV isn’t always the best place to find good examples of parenting. But thankfully I don’t have to rely on fictional programming, my mom’s a total badass in her own right. She’s intelligent, assertive, and strong. (Like she once accidentally ripped the door handle off the refrigerator strong.) I could go on about her other good qualities, but I’ll save those for the Mother’s Day card. Plus, this is a blog about television, so without further ado, here’s some pretty tough moms that you can see on TV:

1. Joyce Summers – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy and Joyce Summers

Joyce may not have had the super-strength of a slayer, but she was still fierce. Case in point, she threatened Spike with an ax, back when he was still very much a threat. Mother / daughter turmoil be damned, at the end of the day Joyce was always willing to fight for her daughter.

2. Mrs. S – Orphan Black

Orphan Black Sarah and Mrs S

Like Buffy and her mom, Mrs. S and Sarah haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but over the show’s four seasons they’ve really come to respect and trust each other. Plus, whenever Sarah needs a safe-house or a bomb defused, Mrs. S is always her first call.

3. Ernestine – Underground

Underground Rosalee and Ernestine

Underground is a really great TV show you should be watching, so I don’t want to spoil anything here. But let’s just say that Ernestine’s not only raised her children to be perceptive and resourceful, but she’s also gone to some extreme lengths to protect them.

4. Cersei – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Cersei and Tommen

I think we can all agree that Cersei is a terrible role model, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t a mama bear when it comes to her kids. General rule of thumb, don’t cross her or her family.

5 and 6. Stef & Lena Adams Foster – The Fosters

the fosters the moms and mariana

Stef and Lena may not wield shotguns or axes, but they are raising five teenagers and that sure as hell takes mental strength, patience, and resolve. Plus Stef is a cop and Lena is a vice-principal, so their power extends beyond the household. Neither rules with an iron fist, but I’m pretty sure if they said they were disappointed in you, it would cut like a knife.

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Written by Jamie Paton

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