Here’s 10 Memorable Trees From TV, Happy Arbor Day!


Arbor Day is this Friday, so in honor of this tree-hugging holiday, here’s ten memorable trees as seen on TV. To celebrate, why not fire up the DVD player, Netflix, or whatever you use and watch one of these shows. And then turn off the TV and go plant a tree. No seriously, that would probably be a better way to recognize the day.

A tree served as the gateway to the Deeper Well.
Episode: “A Hole in the World” 5×15

Angel A Hole in the World Angel and Spike


Broad City
Ilana forged an intimate connection with a tree.
Episode: “The Matrix” 2×6

Broad City Illana Tree


Who can forget the scuba diver in a tree in the desert.
Episode: “Scuba Doobie-Doo” 2×5

CSI Scuba Diver in Tree


Echo’s dreams include a tree from Caroline’s childhood.
Episode: “The Attic” 2×10

Dollhouse The Attic Tree


Face Off
Tree inspired make-ups are a staple on this reality competition series, here’s just one.
Episode: “Twisted Trees” 7×4 & More

Face Off Tree Make-ups


Game of Thrones
Bran Stark’s season four storyline left off with him finally making it to a Weirwood tree North of the Wall.
Episode: “The Children” 4×10

GoT Heart Tree


Hannibal was never a slacker when it came to setting a tableau.
Episode: “Futamono” 2×6

Hannibal Tree Corpse


The Mother Tree and the Bleeding Tree were instrumental to the larger story lines of season two.
Episode: All of Season 2

Helix Bleeding Tree


Pretty Little Liars
The tree with Ali and Ian’s initials carved into it provided a clue about what happened the night Ali disappeared, unfortunately “A” got to it first.
Episode: “Moments Later” 1×11 & More

PLL Alison and Ian Tree


True Detective
There were a lot of natural settings in season one of True Detective, but the initial crime scene remains the most memorable.
Episode: “The Long Bright Dark” 1×1 & More

True Detective S1 Crime Scene

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Written by Jamie Paton

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