Everything You Need to Know About the CW Seed

Everything You Need to Know About the CW Seed

CW Seed

Nowadays it seems like you can watch TV almost anywhere online, but knowing where to go to find exactly what you’re looking for is the tricky part. If you’re in search for a Warner Bros. produced television comedy, I recommend checking out the CW Seed. Not to be confused with The CW, the broadcast channel or cwtv.com, the CW Seed is The CW’s ‘digital home for comedy’.

That description may by unhelpfully vague, so here’s a handy CW Seed viewing guide:  

What Shows Are Available on the CW Seed?

The CW Seed is home to an array of TV shows, old and new, plus some great web originals like:

  • The O.C
  • Pushing Daisies
  • Hellcats
  • The Ben Stiller Show
  • Just for Laughs
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • The Flash (1990)
  • Almost Human
  • Birds of Prey
  • Whose Line is it Anyway?
  • Vixen
  • The Elevator Talk Show
  • The P.E.T. Squad Files
  • Backpackers
  • Very Mallory
  • Play it Again, Dick
  • L.A. Rangers
  • Husbands
  • Stupid Hype
  • Quick & Quirky
  • The Kelly Cutrone Project

How Can I Watch These Shows?

If you’re in the United States you can watch the CW Seed online at: cwseed.com or via the CW Seed channel / app on a Chromecast or Roku streaming device. It’s free to watch, although there are commercials.  

What About all the Currently Airing CW Shows?

Those can still be found at cwtv.com and wherever else you normally find CW Shows like your cable provider’s OnDemand service, Netflix or Hulu.

What Makes the CW Seed so Special?

Honestly, they had me at Pushing Daisies and The O.C., but the CW Seed is also home to every single episode of Whose Line is it Anyway?!

Their slate of original programming is also rather interesting. Among the list is Vixen, an animated TV series from the people behind The Flash and Arrow and Husbands, which was created by Jane Espenson who wrote for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Play it Again, Dick features Veronica Mars’ Dick Casablancas aka Ryan Hansen and Backpackers stars Dillon Casey from Nikita and more recently Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. 

Good content isn’t just limited to the Netflixs and HBOs of the world, check out the CW Seed, you might just like what you find. Or, you can always revisit old favorites. 

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Written by Jamie Paton

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