Lucky Finds and Other Random Happenings At NYCC 2015

Lucky Finds and Other Random Happenings At NYCC 2015

Artist Alley pic

As much as I believe in scheduling and strategizing when it comes to New York Comic Con, I also think it’s important to leave yourself time to just wander around. There is so much going on that it’s literally impossible to have it all planned out in advance.

Between the showroom floor, cosplayers, sponsor booths, artist alley, and all the other random things like food trucks and pop-up stages you’re pretty much guaranteed to stumble upon something that you had no idea about but wish you did.

Here’s what struck my fancy while I was out and about:

Impromptu Dubsmash

In making my way over to Artist Alley I happened upon an interview with Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet at a very small stage in the main entrance area. Unfortunately I missed a good portion of it, but at the very end they made a quick dubsmash with the crowd.

NYCC Dubsmash

I’m in the way back so you can’t see me, but I’ve been following the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter Dubsmash war since SDCC so I was a little more than pumped to witness one.

Wikia Fantasy Food

Immediately after the dubsmash video was made, someone from the nearby Wikia food truck was handing out tickets to get a free fantasy item (fictional food made real) if you returned at the specified time. Not one to pass up free food, I grabbed one and happily returned at 2pm.

Fantasy Food

Like everything else at NYCC, the line was nonsensically threaded through the crowd but I was able to get some free Mabel Juice, which is from the TV series Gravity Falls. In the show, it’s described as “coffee and nightmares” with plastic dinosaurs, my version was more along the lines of red jello with gummy dinosaurs.  

Jurassic World

The main walkway / entrance area also had a Jurassic World section, featuring an animatronic velociraptor!

Jurassic World

I’m talking Jim Henson level of puppeteering and movie magic, this thing was incredible. Here’s a video of it walking around and doing other dinosaur-y things.

Jessica Jones Promotions

Marvel was really pushing Jessica Jones throughout the con. The upcoming Netflix series not only shared a panel with Daredevil, but it also made its presence known outside the Javits Center with some well-placed sidewalk graffiti.

Jessica Jones Graffiti

At the Marvel booth they also had a photo area set up where you could pretend to work for her P.I. agency so of course I did. Besides the print out of the photo I also received Jessica Jones’ business card and a preview comic book that ties into both of Marvel’s Netflix series.

Artist Alley

The level of talent in one room is pretty damn impressive in artist alley. Even though I usually know nothing about the artists present, I can still appreciate their creativity and talent. My favorite work this year was that of Danny Haas.

Danny Haas

Progressive Protector-Corns

As much as New York Comic Con is a celebration of all the geeky things you love, it’s also kind of a giant advertisement too. Corporate sponsors are aplenty. Some tie in more naturally than others, like the Pepsi Perfect display at the Back to the Future booth. Others are just there, I’m looking at you Chevrolet. But for me, one brand stood out from the rest: Progressive.

The Flo-helmed insurance company not only offered lockers and charging stations to con goers but also unleashed the Protector-Corns, unicorn-masked people that would hold your place in line if you tweeted at them.

Gotta say, those Protector-Corns were not only useful, but also memorable. I have to imagine they bought some good will among those in attendance.

I also went to a lot of NYCC panels, you can read about that here.

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Written by Jamie Paton

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