Fall 2015 TV Survival Guide

Fall 2015 TV Survival Guide

2015 Fall TV

While I’m in complete denial about the end of summer, seriously September is a perfectly lovely month, there’s no denying that the traditional broadcast TV season is right around the corner.

From premier dates to a rundown of the newly debuting TV shows and more, here’s everything you need to prepare for the changing of the seasons. 

Fall 2015 TV Premier Dates

Once again TVLine has so kindly prepared a handy calendar of premier dates, this one includes anything hitting the airwaves between September and November. And if you don’t see one of your shows, check the midseason box on the bottom right. For a printable version, click the button below.

Noteworthy dates:

  • September 8th – Late Show with Stephen Colbert 
  • September 10th – Season 4 of Longmire hits Netflix
  • September 15th – The Mindy Project debuts on Hulu
  • September 27th – 2-Hour CSI Finale TV-Movie
  • September 28th – The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
  • October 13th – Manhattan Season 2 (finally!)
  • November 5th – CBS Thursday Night Line-up Returns

New Television Shows

A bunch of new TV shows are debuting this fall. As always, some look good and some don’t; you be the judge. Click on the button below to check out 45 of the newcomers.

Supergirl is the only pilot I’ve seen so far and while I don’t know if it’s for me, I did appreciate the way they handled her ‘super’ secret and enjoyed a certain cameo. In general I’m feeling pretty ambivalent about the new crop of TV series, which might be for the best given my current watchlist. I’ll probably check out Blindspot and The Muppets though.

In other news, The X-Files reboot is scheduled for a January debut and Heroes Reborn reappears on NBC on September 24th, so if you’re a fan of either property, rejoice!

TV Ratings & News

TV shows get cancelled all the time, sometimes even before they air. (NBC already cancelled the Coach revival that was ordered straight to series for the mid-season.) So keep up-to-date with ratings and industry news. My favorite way is via the TV by the Number’s Cancellation Bear Twitter account: @TheCancelBear. If Twitter isn’t your jam, their website will do just fine.

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Written by Jamie Paton

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