Jonesing For Summer Camp Fun Post-First Day of Camp?

Jonesing For Summer Camp Fun Post-First Day of Camp?

Campfire Wet Hot American Summer

So by now you’ve probably burned through all eight episodes of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and even re-watched the movie for the millionth time, but don’t you just wish you could go back to summer camp yourself?

Well, if you live in the Northeast, let me recommend Club Getaway. Located in the Berkshire Mountains of Kent, CT, Club Getaway offers three-day weekend adventures for adults. That’s right, you can party as hard as Andy, Ben, Lindsay, Neil, Katie, and the rest of the gang without having to chaperone a bunch of kids. Enjoy being a camper all over again with the added bonus of being over 21.


Just like Camp Firewood in Wet Hot American Summer, Club Getaway boasts activities like swimming in the lake and arts and crafts. And while they don’t have tetherball or a radio station, all the typical sports are accounted for along with zip lines, life size Jenga and Connect Four, hiking, mountain biking, yoga, and more. Some weekends even have Color Wars and keg softball!

Entertainment & Parties

Susie, Ben, and Claude Dumet’s ability to produce, cast, rehearse, and open “Electro-City” in the span of a day may defy the realities of time and space, but just because you won’t be getting a Broadway-esque musical at Club Getaway doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get your song and dance on. From Happy Hour karaoke sessions and Sunday afternoon lip sync battles to live bands and DJ’d parties, there’s plenty of opportunities to tap into your inner star. Campfire sing-alongs with s’mores are also a Saturday night staple.


Summer camp, fictional or not, is a place to make new friends, fall in love, have a fling, or create bitter rivals (assuming there is another camp across the lake). A three-day weekend may not seem like a long time, but the spirit of summer camp is alive and well at Club Getaway. If you put your cell phone down and join in on the fun, I guarantee that it’s really not that hard to meet new people and to make new friends.

Government conspires and talking cans of mixed vegetables aside, Club Getaway is the second easiest way to get your summer camp fix. (Let’s be real, the easiest way is just watching Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix.) Either one is a solid choice.

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Written by Jamie Paton

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