Everybody Tweeted About Sharknado 3 – Even These 5 Brands

Everybody Tweeted About Sharknado 3 – Even These 5 Brands

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When the sharks started flying last night all your usual entertainment sources were live tweeting in full force, as was NASA and NASCAR although we’d later learn that they were in on the joke too. But they weren’t the only brands to get in on the Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! action.

Here’s five brands that couldn’t pass up the chance to hop on the hashtag:

1. American Red Cross

Besides the primary verified account, several other more localized American Red Cross Twitter accounts were also live tweeting the TV-movie event. And it’s a good thing, because now we all know how to prepare for one of these things.


2. Doritos

While Doritos didn’t exactly have anything to do with Fin’s ongoing battle against airborne sharks, I have to image there’s some overlap between their customer base and Sharknado 3’s audience.  


3. WeatherBug

Like the American Red Cross, WeatherBug took advantage of the much-hyped yet fake weather-related crisis to provide amusing survival tips and other fun ‘facts’. Bonus points for simultaneously promoting their weather app.


4. Victoria Secret

I understand the allure of using a trending hashtag to put your brand in front of a large audience, but I don’t understand why Victoria Secret even had a photo like this ready to go. Was it taken for this very purpose? Was there some sort of shark-themed Pink line that I missed out on?    


5. Syracuse Athletics

To be fair, Sharknado 3 was supposedly wreaking havoc on the entire eastern seaboard, but I still think this tweet may have been more relevant during Sharknado 2: The Second One given that there were confirmed sharknados in the state of New York during that movie. Still, I suppose it’s useful to know where your nearest sharknado shelter is located.

Anyone else live tweet and watch Sharknado 3 last night? What did you think? What were some of the best tweets of the night?

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Written by Jamie Paton

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