2014-2015 TV Season Renewal and Cancellation Roundup

2014-2015 TV Season Renewal and Cancellation Roundup

Broadcast Networks 2015

For broadcast television networks the primary 2014-2015 TV season is just about over. So did your favorite shows bid adieu for the summer or are they gone for good?

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Here’s some highlights and lowlights regarding all the recent TV news:


Surprise Saves

Agent Carter, Galavant, and The Mysteries of Laura all snagged a second season despite being deemed a toss up or long shot at one point. Personally, I’m most excited for more Agent Carter. I really dug the show and was much happier with ABC’s scheduling plan this season for all things containing the word Marvel in the title.

I didn’t tune into the Mysteries of Laura, but Linda Holmes of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast jokingly recorded a theme song for the show called Copmom Momcop so I’m happy that gets to live on. The curtain hasn’t closed on Galavant either as ABC’s strangest medieval musical comedy will be back for an encore despite mediocre ratings and reviews.


Not Quite Dead Yet

Last week I wrote about The Mindy Project getting the ax by FOX, well the good news is that the Hulu deal went through and the series will have a fourth season!

FOX also announced that the upcoming 15th season of American Idol would be its last. I’ve never been into singing competitions, I’m pretty tone deaf myself, but it’s certainly the end of an era. After all, the series jumped started the careers of Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, and many more.

In other network news, CBS cancelled the CSI mothership series, but the show will have one last hurrah in the form of a TV movie. It’s already scheduled to air on Sunday September 27th and they’re hoping bring back William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger for the occasion.


Cancelled with Closure

A lot of long running series seemed to take their final bow this year, many of which knew this would be it (i.e. Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, Glee). For Hart of Dixie and Revenge the bad news came much later in the year; however, both were able to complete their runs in immensely satisfying ways.


My Prediction Prowess

Last summer when I wrote about cancellation trends and new series for this TV season I didn’t exactly make any bold predictions but I did write that Selfie and/or Manhattan Love Story were doomed, I wasn’t jazzed about Mulaney, and I did wager that State of Affairs wasn’t going to be the next Blacklist for NBC so that’s the extent of my boasting.

Check back later for a roundup of all the new shows you can start looking forward to for the fall. Spoiler alert, there’s a lot of reboots and remakes.

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Written by Jamie Paton

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