Pretty Little Liars: ‘A’ Theories & Suspects

Pretty Little Liars: ‘A’ Theories & Suspects

Pretty Little Liars Who is A

The season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars is almost here and once again they’re promising answers and another ‘A’ reveal. So who is it?

With countless clues and just as many misdirects, it really feels like just about anyone could be ‘A’. Personally, I’m kind of a fan of the Twin Theory. It’s just the right kind of crazy for Pretty Little Liars and at this point I really don’t have any better guesses (although I’ve always been weary of Wren). However, there are a lot of solid theories out there, and here’s some of the most popular:

And if you still aren’t convinced, here’s 17 more ‘A’ suspects to consider.

The season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars, which is entitled “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, airs Tuesday March 24th at 8pm EST on ABC Family. Until then, happy sleuthing.

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Written by Jamie Paton

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