A Drinking Game for SyFy Channel’s Helix

A Drinking Game for SyFy Channel’s Helix

SyFy Helix Drinking Game V2

Helix airs on Friday nights and let’s be real, it’s a bit crazy-sauce in the best way possible, so why not embrace the fun and drink to that.

Take a drink when…

  • Someone says they’re with the CDC
  • Someone looks through a microscope
  • Someone says “quarantine”
  • There’s a discussion about the virus spreading
  • A character wears a white hazmat suit or other protective gear
  • Someone, who wasn’t previously sick, contracts the virus
  • A dead animal is discovered, dissected, or in a jar
  • There’s awkward tension between Alan, Peter, Julia, or Sarah
  • A character skirts around a question with a non-answer
  • A main character is cornered by a vector or enemy
  • The show switches from the present to the future or vice versa
  • The NARVIK virus is name-dropped
  • The Ilaria Corporation comes up
  • You see an immortal without their contacts
  • An immortal loses their head
  • Someone bites the dust


New episodes of Helix  air Friday nights at 10pm on SyFy.


If you’ve got another rule you think should be in play, leave it in the comments section below and I’ll add it to the list. Cheers!

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Written by Jamie Paton

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