Easy TV Inspired Halloween Costumes

Easy TV Inspired Halloween Costumes

Need a Halloween costume? How about one that’s easy to make? Or even better yet, one that people will get?

The way I see it, you’ve got two angles to approach a TV-themed Halloween costume. Either pick something so mainstream it’s impossible not to know what you are or pick something that looks cool without context but will be recognized by other fans.

Here’s a few ideas:

Eleven from Stranger Things

Stranger Things Eleven

You don’t have to shave your head for this costume, just buy a blond wig and you can still pull off the Eleven-look with a pink dress, blue jacket, tube socks, and sneakers. Add an “11” tattoo on your wrist for the complete look. If this is the one for you, the website Carbon Costume has already done the leg work for you locating all the wardrobe pieces on Amazon.


Mr. Robot fsociety

mr robot fsociety

Sure you could just wear a black zip-up hoodie and be Elliot, but that’s kind of cheating. Instead get yourself an official Mr. Robot fsociety mask, a thrift shop suit, and top hat. If people don’t get the reference at least a costume with a mask is a safe play.


Orange Is The New Black Inmate

Orange is the New Black cast

Buy some orange or tan scrubs and / or a gray sweatshirt and you’re ready to be an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary. And don’t forget your ID badge. Recruit a couple of friends and this could be a fun group costume.


Wet Hot American Summer Camp Counselor

Wet Hot American Summer Cast

Wet Hot American Summer would be another excellent group costume, and honestly probably needs to be done that way unless you want people to think you’re just rocking an 80s / throwback look, which wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. If you want help selling the costume you can buy a Camp Firewood t-shirt.


Pokémon Trainers

Pokemon Ash Brock Misty

Celebrate Halloween and play Pokémon Go in character as either Ash, Brock, or Misty.


The Simpsons

The Simpsons

The Simpsons airs almost non-stop on FXX so they’re still relevant, plus these iconic cartoon characters are pretty easy to imitate. With the right hair-do or wig and a wardrobe that’s either t-shirts and jeans (or shorts) or a dress with a necklace you can be a resident of Springfield in no time.


Legends of the Hidden Temple / Guts 

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Buy a shirt, spray paint a helmet yellow, and you’ve basically got yourself a pretty sweet costume by an 90s kid’s standard.


Friday Night Lights – Football Player or Cheerleader

Friday Night Lights Panthers

If I were to own a Dillon Panthers or East Dillon Lions jersey I would certainly wear it more than once, so as a Halloween costume, it’s not a bad investment. And at your Halloween party if people aren’t yelling “Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose!” with you, then at least they’ll just assume you’re a football player. Alternatively a logo t-shirt for either team could be the focal point of a rally girl costume if that’s more your thing.


Walter White from Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Even if you haven’t seen the show, I have to imagine almost anyone would at least be able to place the reference. A button up shirt and a pair of tighty whiteys or a yellow jumpsuit and gas mask ought to do the trick.


BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman

Buy a horse’s head (they’re surprisingly affordable!) and wear a sweater and jeans, it might be more of an obscure reference, but it’s a funny costume none the less.


Survivor Contestant

CBS Survivor

CBS sells Survivor buffs. Grab one, put on your dirtiest clothes, and maybe even fashion yourself an immunity idol for the win.


Party Down Cater Waiter

Party Down

This one might be a bit of a stretch, but black pants, a white button up shirt, and a pink bow tie is all you need to channel this short-lived Starz series.


Jane Doe from Blindspot

Blindspot Jane Doe

Break out the temporary tattoos and go nuts! After that, all you’ll need is a white tank top and a black wig. Word of caution: take into consideration how difficult it will be to remove all the tattoos before going forward with this idea.


Bonus Option: a Doctor

Scrubs Cast

Scrubs, lab coat optional, with an ID from Sacred Heart, Princeton Plainsboro, County General, and Seattle Grace is not only easy costume to make but offers a fun little ‘easter egg’ of sorts for fellow fans.


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Written by Jamie Paton

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