Righting the Ship: TV Shows That Rebounded After An Underwhelming Season

Righting the Ship: TV Shows That Rebounded After An Underwhelming Season

A lot of TV shows tend to either get better over time and end on a high note or trudge on long after they’ve peaked. What’s not so typical though is when a show is able to right the proverbial ship after a less-than-stellar season.

Based on my opinion, as well as many other’s (at least according to their IMDB reviews), here’s three shows that were able to course correct and return to their former glory.

(All graphs are courtesy of this awesome site: http://graphtv.kevinformatics.com/.)

Revenge (Season 2-3)

Revenge GraphTV Chart

Season 2 of Revenge got bogged down by a convoluted corporation plot. Something about The Initiative pulling all the strings; however, that just made Emily’s plight for revenge that much more impersonal and confusing.

At the end of that season, original showrunner Mike Kelley stepped down, and executive producer Sunil Nayar took over the reins. Since then, the show has went back to the Grayson vs. Clark/Thorne family feud with positive results. Plus Daniel finally picked a side and Jack got to be a part of the A-plot.


The O.C. (Season 3-4)

The OC GraphTV Chart

The O.C. came out of the gate hot in 2003 and then steadily spiraled down into its own world of WTF plots and love rhombuses. Season 3 bared the brunt of this with Marissa being kicked out of Harbor School, Johnny drunkenly falling off a cliff and dying, and Sandy Cohen acting like Caleb. And then Marissa died.

Season 4, which had the benefit of a shortened episode order, picked up a few months after the tragic accident and smartly refocused on The O.C.’s initial theme of family. Under all the pop culture references, white tank tops, and indie tunes was a heart. The show generally succeeded when it remembered to put that first, and in season 4 they did.


Community (Season 4-5)

Community GraphTV Chart

We all know what happened here, there was a gas leak. Ok not really, but Dan Harmon, who was ousted by NBC at the end of the third season, found himself back in the show’s captain chair after a disastrous fourth season. It was clear to everyone that Harmon’s voice and sense of humor was the heart and soul of the series.

And while his homecoming undoubtedly recalibrated the quality level, the fifth season was still bittersweet due to Donald Glover’s departure and NBC’s eventual cancellation notice. Thankfully, the dream of #SixSeasonsAndAMovie lives on due to a last minute deal with Yahoo.

What other shows belong on this list? Are there any other shows you were glad you stuck with or any shows that you hope will get better this TV season?

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Written by Jamie Paton

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