Sorry I Don’t Watch…

Sorry I Don’t Watch…

Given how much TV I watch, and how often I talk about it, it’s not uncommon for people to ask me if I watch this or that. But I’m not a recluse, I have a job, and I do like to socialize (from time to time), so… no I don’t watch everything on TV.Too Much TV

However, if its a show the other person really loves, the simple answer of “No, I don’t watch that…” is usually met with some variation of “WHAT, but it’s so good”.

So here’s a list of excuses I’ve created for not watching a TV show. They may range in usefulness, but none of them are that I either a.) don’t watch TV or b.) don’t own a TV, because let’s be real — no one likes that person.

10 Reasons I’m Not Going To Watch That

  1. My DVR is full.
  2. It’s in my Netflix queue.
  3. It’s got a laugh track – I don’t want to be told when to laugh.
  4. It’s not available on Netflix streaming or OnDemand.
  5. I just started watching it (no I didn’t), please don’t spoil it for me.
  6. I don’t want to get attached to something that’s certain to be cancelled.
  7. I read the book series it’s based off of, so I don’t need to watch the TV show too.
  8. My friend/family member changed their password to Netflix or HBO Go and now I can’t mooch off of them anymore.
  9. Yeah, I would but that show has like 8 seasons, right? There is no way I can catch-up now. I’ll just wait for the series to end.
  10. I already watch # of hours of TV each week. (If you really watch a lot of TV and are honest about it, then people tend to back-off, or at the very least change the subject because now they are wondering how that’s even possible.)

Without putting down another person’s taste in television, how do you talk your way out of not watching a TV series? Share your excuses in the comments section below.

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Written by Jamie Paton

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  • Christine says:

    My favorite is “it’s not on Netflix.” That’s my main excuse for avoiding most shows. And I was in a panic mode with Game of Thrones when the logins I was mooching off of were cut off.

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