5 Reasons You Should Watch Orphan Black

5 Reasons You Should Watch Orphan Black

If you aren’t already watching Orphan Black, then you’re seriously missing out on some excellent serialized TV.

Without giving too much away, trust me it’s better to be unspoiled, here’s 5 reasons you ought to be tuning in to BBC America’s newest drama.

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1. The lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, is incredible. On a regular basis she plays three characters, but has also appeared as at least three more. This will all make sense once you’ve seen the pilot, but let’s just say the acting is excellent.

2. For as much TV as I watch, I am drawing a blank on what I could say Orphan Black is like. Which is a good thing, it’s certainly not another cookie cutter series where characters fit into archetypes and plot lines can easily be sussed out in advance. Seriously, just sit back and enjoy the ride – it’s been a fun one thus far.

3. A lot of themes and genres are at play in Orphan Black. It’s dark yet snarky and incorporates sci-fi, thriller, crime, and noir elements. However, and most important to me, the characters and interpersonal relationships remain at its core. And in my experience, the most engaging and enjoyable shows let the characters drive the action.

4. Orphan Black airs on BBC America, which means the season order is a very manageable 10-episodes. As an added bonus it currently airs on Saturday nights at 9pm, and I’m not saying to stay at home and watch, but your DVR sure as hell shouldn’t be busy.

5. And lastly, Orphan Black has already been picked up for a 2nd season so you don’t have to worry about committing to a show that may or may not provide a satisfying conclusion. And given what I’ve seen this far, Orphan Black is not the kind of show to tie everything up in a nice neat little bow.

Ready for a mini-marathon? Orphan Black is available OnDemand for Comcast Xfinity customers, on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and other avenues of your choosing.

Happy watching!

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Written by Jamie Paton

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