Entertainment Turned Tourist Attraction

Entertainment Turned Tourist Attraction

For vacation this year I happily left the cold weather behind for a few days and traveled south to Universal Studios and SeaWorld in Florida. And while I loved the roller coasters and warm weather – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was one of the main highlights. I read the books, saw the movies, and now I can say I’ve had Butterbeer, wandered through Hogwarts, and ate lunch at the Three Broomsticks restaurant in Hogsmeade.

But as cool as the park was, I can’t stop thinking about other fictional worlds or places I’d like to visit, even as an expensive tourist attraction. So here’s just a few of the TV-themed entertainment experiences I wish existed.Firefly Serenity Blueprints

Tourist Traps For TV Fans

Serenity the Firefly-class ship (Firefly) – What Browncoat wouldn’t want to take a tour through Serenity’s cargo bay, crew quarters, kitchen area, engine room, and bridge? The non-TV version doesn’t even need to fly, or do the whole virtual space thing, I just think it would be a lot of fun to wander through Captain Mal’s beloved ship.

Pawnee, IN (Parks and Recreation) – This fictional town could be a lot of fun; afterall, its got something for everyone: The Lil’ Sebastian’s Memorial, Sweetums candy factory, the Smallest Park in Indiana, the annual Harvest Festival, JJ’s Diner, the Olde Wamapoke Tribal Shop, and the Snakehole Lounge… just to name a few of Pawnee Indiana’s perks.Pushing Daises Pie Hole

The Pie Hole restaurant (Pushing Daisies) – I’m a huge fan of dessert and Pushing Daisies, so what would be better than having some pie from the infamous Pie Maker? Admit it, Ned’s pies do look really delicious.

In the meantime I’ll just have to settle for making them myself, check out these Pushing Daisies pie recipes.

Caritas the Demon Karaoke Bar (Angel) – Seriously, wouldn’t this place would be excellent for bachelorette parties? Where else can you drink and sing alongside demons (the non-harmful kind)? Still not sure what I’m talking about? Here’s a bit more info about the Caritas bar, and how it was incorporated into the show Angel.

So those are the TV-themed places and things I’d happily spend money for. What fictional worlds or places would you like to have recreated for your own enjoyment?

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Written by Jamie Paton

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