Bunheads Won Me Over With the Mention of a Cupcake ATM

ABC Family Bunheads Cupcake ATM

Watching Bunheads on ABC Family was kind of a no-brainer for me. I loved Gilmore Girls, I have lower expectations for summer TV, and I have a weakness for ABC Family shows in general. (In my defense I am in their target demographic.)

But I have to admit I didn’t actually fall in love with the show until the episode “Movie Truck” when Michelle, Talia, and Truly head to LA to hit up a 24/7 Cupcake ATM. Yeah that’s right, the very thing we have dreamed of at work is not just a crazy idea.

A quick Google search confirmed that a Cupcake ATM does in fact exist, just not on the East Coast. But if you are in Beverly Hills or Chicago you are in luck.

I like the Bunheads for more reasons than that, but CUPCAKE ATM kind of takes the cake (pun intended).

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Written by Jamie Paton

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