90s Kids Turned Adults Can Now Watch Favorite Nick Shows

All That Kenan & Kel

90s Nick favorites, All That and Kenan & Kel return to basic cable tomorrow on Nick At Nite. Even better yet, they are on at 8pm!

I know for a while now both shows have been on heavy rotation on Teen Nick during The 90s Are All That block but for those of us who grew up on Nickelodeon and now have jobs and/or don’t pay for anything fancier than basic cable, this is exciting news.

And if you are really looking to capture the nostalgia of the 90s then you might want to tune in on Wednesday because that episode of All That features the Backstreet Boys.

Kenan & Kel will follow at 8:30pm so make sure you have plenty of orange soda on hand.

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Written by Jamie Paton

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  • Diane says:

    Orange Soda is on deck! I love Keenan and Kel they were hilarious and I loved watching them in the 90s. All That, was another one of my favorites. To have these shows back is like a walk down memory lane. I’m rarely home, so I have them set up to record. With my Dish Remote Access app I was able to set up the timers for both shows, from my smart phone. I can also watch them from my phone if I wanted. I was relieved when my coworker at Dish suggested the download, this saves me a ton of time and I don’t miss a thing!

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