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Marathoned: Black Mirror

A lot of the hype and excitement I’ve heard surrounding the newly available British anthology series, Black Mirror is in regards to it’s Twilight Zone-like approach to current day societal fears and anxieties about technology, politics, and the like. And rightly so, after quickly watching all six episodes on Netflix over the weekend I can […]

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TV to Marathon During the December Doldrums

Fall TV is winding down, which means several weeks of Holiday specials, reruns, sports, and the occasional burn-off of a failed freshman series is upon us. You could use this time to catch up with family and friends, or to watch all those movies you missed throughout the year, or maybe even go outside if […]

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Go Long! Football Playing TV Characters

These players may not be available in your fantasy league, but you can still find them on the small screen: Jason Street Dillon Panthers Quarterback Friday Night Lights Matt Saracen Dillon Panthers Quarterback Friday Night Lights Tim Riggins Dillon Panthers Fullback Friday Night Lights Brian ‘Smash’ Williams Dillon Panthers Running Back Friday Night Lights Landry […]

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Girl Code Goes There: Sexuality, Race, Girl Power & More

Back in 2013, Girl Code was named the “Worst Cable TV Show of the Week” by the Parent’s Television Council’s TV Watchdog website for “The crass, disgusting, and downright dangerous “advice” MTV gave to 14-year-old girls on the May 21st episode…”. While it’s hardly a surprise that an MTV show would earn the disapproval of […]