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Streaming & a la Carte TV – So Many Questions

I’m probably too much of a TV addict to ever really ‘cut the cord’, but the recent news about HBO and CBS offering stand alone streaming services (otherwise known as OTT or over-the-top) is certainly something of interest. A major shift in how TV is being delivered and consumed is under way, and that’s awesome! […]

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Happy Endings

Miss The Cast of Happy Endings? Watch These Shows.

Good news Happy Endings fans, seems like the TV universe as a whole is finally realizing how awesome the entire cast is, because everyone one of them is bringing the laughs to either a veteran, freshman, or coming-soon comedy! Most of the shows oddly air on Tuesday nights though, so get those DVRs ready and keep […]

TV Halloween Costumes

Easy TV Inspired Halloween Costumes

Need a Halloween costume? How about one that’s easy to make? Or even better yet, one that people will get? The way I see it, you’ve got two angles to approach a TV-themed Halloween costume. Either pick something so mainstream it’s impossible not to know what you are or pick something that looks cool without […]

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Righting the Ship: TV Shows That Rebounded After An Underwhelming Season

A lot of TV shows tend to either get better over time and end on a high note or trudge on long after they’ve peaked. What’s not so typical though is when a show is able to right the proverbial ship after a less-than-stellar season. Based on my opinion, as well as many other’s (at […]