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A Look at FOX’s Freshman Series From 2010-Present (Part V)

Until the debut of The WB and UPN (now The CW), FOX was the new kid on the block. And because they were the unproven fourth network, they had some catching up to do in order to be considered a real player. Their strategy – target younger viewers (not quite The CW young) with edgy […]

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The CW Shifts Towards Serialized Sci-Fi: New Shows 2010-Present (Part IV)

Unlike the big four networks, The CW only airs 10 hours of original primetime programming each week, which means there’s far less time slots that needed to be filled. Hence the meager renewal and cancellation list below. Still, The CW generally greenlights a handful of pilots every year and winds up renewing a little over […]

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CBS Stays Consistent: New Shows From 2010-Present (Part III)

Unlike ABC, CBS knows exactly what it is – the home to police procedurals and multi-camera sitcoms. It’s also the ‘Most Watched Broadcast Network’ for a sixth year in a row, so apparently the American audience has not yet tired of crime scenes, cops, and canned laughter. Over the past four years, 32% of all […]

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ABC Tries A Little of Everything: New Shows 2010-Present (Part II)

Only 30% of ABC’s freshman scripted series from the last four years have lived to see a second season. (Here’s the breakdown by year in case you were wondering – 2010-2011: 22%, 2011-2012: 46%, 2012-2013: 22%, 2013-2014: 25%.) And although that number may seem low, approximately 30% is actually on par with just about all […]