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CBS’s New Series Success & Failures 2010-2014 Plus New Fall Shows (Part III)

Unlike ABC, CBS knows exactly what it is – the home to police procedurals and multi-camera sitcoms. It’s also the ‘Most Watched Broadcast Network’ for a sixth year in a row, so apparently the American audience has not yet tired of crime scenes, cops, and canned laughter. Over the past four years, 32% of all […]

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ABC’s Freshman Series Fates From 2010-2014 Plus New Fall Shows (Part II)

Only 30% of ABC’s freshman scripted series from the last four years have lived to see a second season. (Here’s the breakdown by year in case you were wondering – 2010-2011: 22%, 2011-2012: 46%, 2012-2013: 22%, 2013-2014: 25%.) And although that number may seem low, approximately 30% is actually on par with just about all […]

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TV Renewal & Cancellation Numbers 2010-2014 (Part I – All Shows)

I followed all the recent TV cancellation and renewal action on Twitter this year, and while there was plenty of snark, relief, and anguish expressed in 140 characters or less, there was also a lot of talk about this year being a bloodbath in the cancellation department. Wondering if this year was in fact a particularly […]

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The CSI Franchise Rises Again With CSI: Cyber

On Friday, CBS picked up CSI: Cyber, the newest installment in the long-lasting Crime Scene Investigation franchise. Unlike its predecessors, CSI: Cyber isn’t limited to solving crimes in just one region of the United States, instead it will take on the nefarious ‘under-world’ of the Internet. So that should be plenty terrifying to CBS’s technology-weary […]