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Books About TV: Recounting MTV’s Early Music Days

It’s hard to talk about MTV without someone inevitably chiming in that the network was better when it was all about music. If that person happens to be you, then I really recommend reading this book: I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution – By by Rob Tannenbaum & Craig […]

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What Is A Normal Episode of Community?

I was super pumped for the premier of the fifth season of Community. After all, “Repilot” (5×1) marked the return of Dan Harmon and after a ‘weird’ fourth season, I was eager for the series to go back to normal. Or at least back to what I knew and loved, even with knowledge of Donald […]

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Being A Veronica Mars Movie Backer

I just saw the Veronica Mars movie for a second time this weekend, a movie I backed on Kickstarter a little over a year ago, just before the project hit it’s initial $2 million dollar goal. I didn’t pledge anything crazy, a little over the price of an average concert ticket and certainly less than […]

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Wonderfalls – Still Wonderfully Sarcastic 10 Years Later

Wonderfalls premiered on March 12th 2004, on FOX, at a time when the network was quick to cancel anything with less than stellar ratings (this Family Guy scene sums it up best). Admittedly Wonderfalls was hard to promote, as it dabbled in a variety of genres, but no worries, the show’s been off the air […]